Tiffany RETURN TO TIFFANY heart brand tiffany key ring
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※ Tiffany Tiffany size specifications
1 Name: Tiffany jewelry canada RETURN TO TIFFANY heart card key ring
2 origin: American
3 material: 925 Silver
4 new, with maintenance cards, hand bag, carton, velvet bag!
☆ Tiffany TIFFANY&CO. Tiffany brand story:
Tiffany Tiffany is by Charles Tiffany in 1837 in American Tiffany Jewellery UK ,NEW YORK created, just start the Tiffany Tiffany is a small stationery shop, but Charles had great ideal and ambition, hope Tiffany will become the world's first brand tiffany;
In 1886 Tiffany Jewellery UK first platinum six claw ring classic, let the world find accessories original beauty and minimalist style charm.
Until the 1990 Paris World Expo, the first Tiffany Tiffany cut a striking figure, access to the world's attention, and then is the second generation Louis Comfort Tiffany leading to actively participate in the world event, Tiffany Tiffany won many gold.
In 1979 John Loring was hired as the third generation Tiffany Tiffany design director, he recruited many well-known designers to join, successfully led the world famous brand Tiffany tiffany. Tiffany Tiffany New York Fifth Street flagship store: meaningful golden elegant charm
Recommended reason: the Tiffany Jewellery UK in 1940 opening of the store is a typical American style decoration style, with simple features, use a lot of matte and bright surface of stainless steel decorative materials, clean and elegant appearance, simple furnishings, without the slightest affectation, don't have a clear arrogance, is 100% Tiffany image.
Exclusive aspect: Front Gate exterior Tiffany Tiffany building there is a clock - Atlas clock. The famous clock has been symbolic decorations Tiffany store in Tiffany, is the world each Tiffany Tiffany store in the one and only, an art of the earliest Las clock can be traced back to 1853.
Tiffany jewelry canada the company is located in New York's Fifth Street flagship store was built in 1939, the year when the World Expo held in New York city. The famous landmark image, let a person shine at the moment, trailer as the wave of the future, Tiffany Tiffany in late twentieth Century a new design style a prelude.
In 1853, the development of Tiffany difuni the company, Challis Tiffany Tiffany to expand the business, the old shop from Manhattan district moved to 550 Broadway big store. He felt that the shop front wall are boring, so the conception of the clock as embellishment. So, the new two floor window between the emergence of an atlas of gods, giants shoulders holding is not Greek mythology of heaven and earth, but beautiful clock.
The atlas giants like the famous artist Henry Frederick Metzler's masterpiece, the talented sculptor in the middle of the nineteenth Century New York for many ships carved bow portrait, so famous. He is the creation of Tiffany's Atlas sculpture is 9 feet high, with the cavity inside the statue, almost can make a person stand. This statue carved by Chinese fir, the outer layer of cast bronze, after years of baptism, today has become a copper green, add a quaint charm.
Tiffany Tiffany Jewellery UK New York Fifth Street flagship store
The clock has another interesting story. In 1905, Tiffany difuni the company from Broadway to junction Fifth Street and thirty-seven street, the new building and no name Tiffany difuni the company, because the management thought, the two floor is outside the atlas clock is sufficient as a company logo.
In fact, Tiffany Jewellery UK the great clock for 52 years has been to New York shopping district by time. In 1940, Tiffany jewelry canadathe company moved to fifth street and fifty-seven street at the junction of the American decorative building site, the atlas clock with the flagship store relocated. Interestingly, in 1980, Tiffany difuni the company decided to design a image watches, Tiffany building concise American style of decoration and the atlas clock has become the source of inspiration for designers. Design essence Tiffany jewelry canada is recover one's original simplicity, trace back to the sources, and watch the real cases of source is the clock. But atlas clock has become the symbol of the world Tiffany Tiffany elegant irreplaceable.